Sports Bra Clouds


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A genuine Excess design you won’t find anywhere else, women’s sports bra Clouds by Excess is a winning combination between a functional design and a sexy new look.
Speaking of functional designs, this little racerback gem can be worn without a regular bra underneath. We achieved that by placing a fine cotton lining in the front. Additional breast support is provided by the wide elastic finish of the hem.
But the most support is given by the fabric itself. It’s a high-quality muscle control Italian sportswear fabric with excellent body shaping and shape retention qualities. Here’s a little more about it:
– It’s highly breathable in both directions, allowing the heat to exit and leaving the skin cool and protected.
– It’s very quick-drying.
– It’s UV protectant with a UPF 50+.
– It’s resistant to chlorine, pilling and abrasions.
– It’s a multi-way stretch, which retains the garments’ shape over time due to the 87% polyester 13% elastane composition and the compact weave and higher density (fabric weight: 250 g/m2).
– Retains and enhances dyes, allowing us to unfold our full creative potential with the patterns. We print at 200 C°, ensuring that the colors will keep their bright and crispy look after sun exposure and washing.
We print our labels directly on the fabric, so you don’t have to cut them off and lose valuable information.
All our designs are manufactured in our own workshop in Bulgaria and are available in stock for a lightning fast delivery.
Happy training with Excess, ladies!

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