Sports Bra Magic Line



Introducing women’s training bra Excess Magic Line. This model is a skillful combination between a sexy and yet comfortable design and expert craftsmanship.
This piece features an open racerback with crossed straps and a cheeky little keyhole. The color design is an Excess original and the composition is intended to accent and compliment the natural curves of the body. The beauty (and an indisputable advantage) of Magic Line is that it can comfortably be worn without a bra thanks to the fine cotton lining in the front and the wide elastic hem, which provides a strong breast support. Still, if you’re feeling skeptical, you can also order a set of pads when we reach out to confirm the order over the phone.
Skillful execution and a gorgeous design are nothing without the right materials. And so, let’s talk about the chosen fabric:
– It’s a top-quality Italian dense weave material with extraordinary breathing capabilities, which allow the skin to cool and control the heat.
– The 87% polyester-13% elastane composition allows for a two-way stretch, which helps the piece retain its perfect shape and fit under pressure.
– Has a high resistance to pilling and scuffing effects and keeps its smooth extra-matte surface immaculate over time.
– Protects from the sun with the power of UPF 50+.
– Does not retain any moisture and is extremely quick-dry.
Endurance of colors is ensured by the process of transfer printing itself. We print at temperatures of over 200+ C°, which makes the dyes resistant to sun and washing. Speaking of washing, this piece is care-free, you can machine wash and dry, but it’s important to keep away from Velcro strips, zippers and other elements which could pull or damage the fibers.
You know how annoying product labels can be? We print ours directly on the fabric, so you won’t risk damaging your piece while cutting them off and yet you’ll always have your care info.
Comfortable and stunning, easy to care for, a piece that will last through countless workouts. Choose freedom, choose Excess!

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