Sport Legging Clouds



The delicate pattern is our designer-in-chief Kamelia Vasova’s specialty. As a long-time professional athlete, she manages to skillfully introduce stunning fresh looks into the world of functional and reliable sportswear for women of all ages, body types and styles. Clouds is a typical example of a body shaping high-rise long compression leggings.
The piece is double-reinforced in the front and in the back and the wide elastic waistband not only shapes the abs area, but also serves as an anchor, which prevents the garment from sinking, sagging, sliding down and moving while you train.
Another benefit of the Clouds model is that its stitches are flatlock finished. This means they are completely flat, don’t irritate the skin, pinch or leave marks and are all but invisible.
This model is made from a high-quality dry-fit Italian fabric that breathes in both directions and doesn’t retain moisture. Here’s the important stuff:
– It allows for heat to exit the garment and the skin to cool down.
– Moisture evaporates as you work out.
– Its composition is 87% polyester and 13% elastane. It’s woven to allow multi-directional intense stretching, while still retaining shape and elasticity.
– And this being a polyester fabric, it’s also quite easy to care for. In fact, you can throw it in washing machine, but make sure to keep away from Velcro strips, zippers and other sharp elements.
– It’s totally opaque under any circumstances (fabric weight is 250 g/m2).
– Not only will the colors remain crisp under the sun thanks to our modern printing process, but the fabric itself is sun-protective with a UPF 50+.
If you are in-between sizes, we advise you go one up, so the pattern is not distorted.
Every model is individually tested, so we can guarantee the quality, comfort and endurance of every item that bears our name.
Happy training, ladies!

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