Sport Legging Magic Line



Ever felt you aren’t getting enough from your workout kits? The secret of effective sports clothing is really no secret at all – the athlete’s comfort comes first and this is exactly what you’ll be getting with women’s sports leggings Magic Line by Excess, with a gorgeous sexy design and cut to boot.
This piece features a sexy high waist with a string belt for a perfect fit. This design compresses and shapes the stomach area into a perfect hourglass and the wide elastic waistband provides excellent additional back support and prevents the piece from sliding down and moving while you train. Double reinforcement has been added to the front and the back for extra security and peace of mind. Labels are printed directly on the inside of the fabric to avoid any irritation on the skin.
Now let’s talk a bit about the material. It’s a high-quality Italian two-way stretch fabric, which retains shape and elasticity under pressure thanks to its 87% polyester, 13% elastane composition. Here are some of its irrefutable advantages:
– It’s highly breathable in both directions. This helps the skin cool down as the heat exits the material and disperses away from the body.
– Provides excellent coverage even when stretched due to its compact weave and high density (fabric weight is 250 g/m2).
– Say goodbye to the sweat spots, as this fabric is non-absorbent and dries as you train.
– It’s an excellent option for outdoors workouts due to its UPF 50+, which blocks over 98% of the sun’s radiation.
– The surface is ultra-matte, smooth and pilling/scuffing resistant.
The pattern is an Excess original that aims to accent and compliment the main muscle groups. The composition is designed to shape the body to appear thinner and taller and will suit almost any body type. The colors are printed via a modern transfer printing technology at temperatures of over 200 C°, which ensures that the dyes won’t run in your wash or fade in the sun. Speaking of washing, yes, you can machine wash this product, but you need to keep away from zippers, Velcro strips or other elements that may damage the fibers.
Choose motion. Choose yourself. Choose Excess.

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