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Bursting with color and life, Excess Colorful Maori is a line, inspired by cultures of faraway lands. The women’s fitness leggings combine style and color, with a perfect fit to boot.
The model features a high waist that facilitates a sexy hourglass silhouette, but also prevents the leggings from sliding down. This piece is cut for maximum comfort and reliability, which is why the waist band is wide, elastic and provides additional back support for the athlete. The front and back sides are reinforced for extra security. The seams have a flatlock finish, which means they’re extra flat, strong and stretchy. They are reliable and won’t pinch your skin or leave marks.
We have over 20 years of experience and we know how to choose our fabrics. Colorful Maori is made from a specialized Italian sports fabric, an 87% polyester-13% elastane mix.
– It is relatively thick, compared to the market average (weighs 250 g/m2), which guarantees the piece stays completely opaque when stretched.
– The material is a two-way stretch, which ensures the leggings keep their stunning cut and overall elasticity.
– The surface is smooth and UV protective (with UPF 50+).
– It’s resistant to pilling effects and scuffing.
– Most importantly, this fabric is breathable both ways, which allows for moisture to evaporate very quickly and for heat to exit the leggings and disperse away from the skin.
The colors will never fade or run in your wash thanks to our transfer printing process, executed at temperatures of 200+ C°. The piece can be machine washed and dried, but you need to keep away from Velcro, zippers and such. Our labels are printed on the fabric, so you don’t have to cut them off and lose valuable info.
If you are in-between sizes, we suggest you pick the larger one, so the print doesn’t get distorted.
Excess, ready for success!

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