Training Top CLOUDS



If you’re in the market for something colorful yet sexy to top off your fitness kit, look no further. Women’s training top Clouds by Excess is exactly what you need to spice up your indoor and outdoor workouts.
This piece is made from an innovative high-quality dry-fit Italian fabric with an open micro-mesh structure. This material has many advantages, some of which are:
– This mesh weave wicks any moisture to the surface where it quickly evaporates as the fabric is non-absorbent.
– It has anti-bacterial properties, which prevent unpleasant smells.
– It’s resistant to suntan creams, oils and cosmetics in general. That feature, combined with its protective UPF 50+, makes Clouds an excellent choice for outdoor workouts in the summer.
– It’s made from 82% polyester and 18% elastane and the fabric weight is 150 g/m2. But what does this mean really? It means that the fabric is low-maintenance, extremely stretchy, in fact, it can stretch in several directions, which allows the material to retain the shape and fit of everything made from it. It also means that despite it being light, it’s totally non see-through.
– It is completely pilling and abrasions resistant.
This piece is a comfy free cut that gives full range of motion. Features an open racerback and a unique pattern of our own original design. The material was also chosen for its excellent color retention ability. We print at temperatures as high as 200 C° and it’s how we guarantee the colors won’t fade in the sun or run in your wash.
We are in this business over 20 years now. Every one of our products, fabrics, designs and even threads are tested for strength and durability and each cut is tested individually for comfort by our chief designer and brand creator Kamelia Vasova.
At Excess we aim to weave quality, strength and a killer look in every one of our designs and Clouds is an excellent example of our work. Choose experience. Choose motion. Choose Excess.

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